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January 15, 2013
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My Wish by S0ARA My Wish by S0ARA

My Wishby S0ARA

Is to be like you were, Daddy. A great soldier, the best actually. If there ever were to be a war, I would be prepared, like you would be."

She's an adult in this picture
Basically, she's thinking about how she believes she'll be when she's older.
If you're wondering why the rivers are red, it is not because the rivers are having a period. It's because of some other reason that I don't know.
I just put it there to look cool honestly XD
Anyways, so I'm kinda proud of this one~ Her stripes could be better, but that could just be because my tablet's pen pressure isn't working at the moment.
While browsing the deviations in need of critique on deviantART, I happened across this particular picture and couldn't seem to help myself.
The eye of the cat is pretty well done. It's simple, but it gives just the right amount of impact into the piece. I like pictures where the colors in eyes aren't too harsh or drastic and the fading of the blues is quite lovely.
I was really confused what the cat was beside to be honest. The river of red doesn't look much like a river at all and I had thought it to be either a fallen tree or dead animal from the texture added. The small brown stick (?) poking out in the middle of it randomly looks like it doesn't fit in with the rest of the shading you had going on here.
I understand the main focus was supposed to be on the cat, but the background is still lacking a bit. Stars or some greenery would have really helped to bring this whole piece together. At first I wasn't fond of the way the moon was designed; the non-spherical design peeved me, but I'm starting to like it the more I look at it. The moon appears circular in the sky but it's really not so I understand the concept. Creators or a different texture on the moon may have helped though to not make it look like it fits into the background a bit more.
The cat itself isn't too terribly bad. The lines could use a more thought out process since most animals appear to have a more flowing design in the patterns on their fur.
I do really like the fluffy effect though of the cat. I'm a sucker for poofy appearances in animals and their fur and it's cute and likable here.
Not knowing the story behind this picture, I'm not going to judge on the knife and belt being upon the cat. I do suggest working on making the maw appear open so the knife does not appear to be hovering, as it does right now.
The blood splatters upon the blade are in great condition until you get to the hilt of the blade, in which some of the effect is lost. I think it would have been cool to add more highlights and realistic effects to the blood such as it dripping or oozing somewhat since blood is a liquid, even if thick.

Overall the picture isn't too bad. I see good possibilities with the cat's anatomy and I've no doubt you put a lot of time and effort into making this to display and share with others. My overall biggest suggestion is to find new texture techniques and look for either brushes or tutorials that would help your background have enough edge to complete the main character of the picture.
Keep up the great work and never stop arting! :thumbsup:
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